Banging Ghetto Sex Orgy in the Alleyway

January 9, 2009 3:02 pm by: adminLeave a Comment

MAD SEX PARTY – In this saucy episode, a group of Hungarian whores – played by Bailly, Sydney, Chanel, Cassy, Angelica Hard, Liza Sparkl, Mela, and Aletta Alien – are hanging out with their pimp boyfriends in an alleyway in Budapest. A friend of theirs recently won the lottery, and they’re celebrating ghetto style – with a trash bin fire and some bottles of champagne. These girls, being prostitutes, have no qualms whatsoever about having sex with their men in public – or inviting the homeless guys sleeping in the alley to join in, for that matter. When you truly love sex, it doesn’t matter where you do it – as long as they get some dick in them tonight, these girls will be satisfied. But one dick is never enough. And you know what? When these ghetto ass bitches start to blow, that means they’re just getting started…

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