High Class Whores in Real Life Sex Orgy

February 27, 2009 4:05 pm by: admin5 Comments


MAD SEX PARTY – Martin’s buddies have taken him out after work to a high-class gentlemen’s club in his native Budapest. It was a bit of a surprise – he had no idea that the guys actually remembered his birthday – and he is quite touched by the gesture. After throwing back a few drinks, this sentimental feeling turns into an overwhelming surge of horniness, as some of the sexiest women he has ever seen in his life begin to appear one by one in the club. They all seem to know his name – and they all seem to be willing to fulfill his wildest fantasy. He is a little nervous – after all, he has a girlfriend at home. But the guys assure him that a blowjob is on the house. Will Martin and his buddies get more than just a blowjob – perhaps a little bit of the pussy pie? Starring Sabrina Rosse, Jessica Moor, Messua, Diana, Julia, Yody, Jasmine Luna Gold, and Bea Stiel.


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