All Night Fuck Party in Budapest with Porn Stars

March 8, 2009 4:12 pm by: adminLeave a Comment


MAD SEX PARTY – Join some of the hottest Hungarian porn stars of the now – Sabrina Rosse, Jessica Moor, Messua, Diana, Julia, Yody, Jasmine Luna Gold, and Bea Stiel – for one hot orgiastic evening wherein all rules are abolished, Mad Sex Party style, in favor of pure unadulterated fucking and sucking. It all happens in one of Budapest’s leading gentlemen’s clubs, where a young office worker has been taken by his male colleagues to celebrate his birthday. One thing quickly leads to another, and what starts out as an innocent blowjob for the birthday boy soon turns in to a full on rumpus when his colleagues are unable to keep their hands off the sexy naked bitches that are walking around the joint. You can’t blame them, either – these babes have wet cunts, tight stomachs, and pert tits. Moreover, they love taking cock. So come on – join the party before it’s too late!

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